The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) is a one-stop clearinghouse for undergraduate research. We promote and facilitate research, scholarship and creative activities by undergraduate students across all disciplines at UAB. The Office provides information and tools necessary to educate undergraduate students about research, help them find and engage in fulfilling research opportunities, and assist students in communicating their findings. We work closely with faculty to support ongoing undergraduate research efforts, as well as to assist those interested in adopting a research pedagogy and/or serving as a mentor.


OUR's primary goal is to increase the level of undergraduate research activity at UAB, whether conducted by the hard sciences or by the creative arts or occurring in the lab or on the stage. This activity may come in the following forms:

  • Discovery e.g. sciences, creative arts
  • Integration e.g. interdisciplinary studies
  • Application e.g. engineering applications, community-based research
  • Teaching e.g. education

We believe research and creative activities prepares students for the complexities of the real world by providing a hands-on learning experience in current thought-provoking settings. Research and creative activities not only stimulates and sharpens problem-solving and communication skills, but immerses students in cutting-edge investigation and scholarship. OUR is committed to engaging students in an enriched learning environment, whereby they develop the necessary skills for academic and professional success.