2014 Provost's Award for Faculty Excellence in Academic Engagement and Global Citizenship

These awards were established by Dr. Linda Lucas, Provost of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in 2012 to recognize faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to engaging undergraduate students in research, scholarship, creative activities, service learning, and study away experiences.

To be eligible, a person must currently hold a full-time regular faculty appointment at UAB, as defined by the UAB Faculty Handbook.

Recipients of the Provost’s Awards for Faculty Excellence in Academic Engagement and Global Citizenship are recognized at the annual spring undergraduate EXPO.  The 2014 EXPO was held on April 11, 2014. Additional information can be found here.

Lynda Wilson - Professor of Nursing 

Dr. Wilson was recognized by students in an innovative new course called Interprofessional Global Health Service Learning for her guidance, creativity and innovation in collaborating with students and community partners on projects that impact student learning and provide real community benefit. 

Dr. Wilson engaged students with community organizations to assess and develop plans that addressed community-identified problems.  Besides helping create the course, Dr. Wilson mentored a group of students who collaborated with the community group One Roof to create a Vulnerability Index. This Index was vital to help the organization evaluate local homeless individuals for housing and other urgent resources.  

David Schwebel - Professor of Psychology and Assistant Dean  

Dr. Schwebel was recognized for his leadership in international education efforts through UAB’s Study Abroad program.  In 2009, Dr. Schwebel collaborated with the UAB Department of Foreign Languages to co-lead the UAB in Jaén, Spain program.  His leadership led to a multi-year commitment from the UAB Department of Psychology to internationalize their curricula through additional study abroad opportunites including Comparative Abnormal Child Psychology in Spain, Child Development in the Czech Republic, and Child and Maternal Health Care Psychology in Sweden. 

Nicole Riddle - Assistant Professor Department of Biology

Dr. Riddle was recognized for her exemplary mentorship of undergraduates engaged in research. Dr. Riddle’s student Katherine Beaufait says “I think I have learned more about being a scientist working with her than anyone else I have worked with”; “She has given me full reign of my project from day one and has supported me equally through my successes and failures.”  Another student Olivia Delmas says “She challenges us to figure out problems on our own first, but she is always available to answer any question.”; “Even though I am only a sophomore, Dr. Riddle has been helping me build my academic profile and prepare me for graduate school. As a result, I feel better prepared and more confident about graduate school.”

Jamil Saad - Assistant Professor Department of Microbiology

Dr. Saad was recognized for his exemplary mentorship of undergraduates engaged in research. Dr. Saad’s student Bliss Chang says “Dr. Saad is truly a catalyst for undergraduate research. His mentorship has allowed an undergraduate to publish a first author paper in a high impact journal last year in addition to 3 co-author papers.” Former student Tim Fernandez says “Without a doubt, Dr. Saad has been the biggest influence on my academic and professional career. It is rare to get the undergraduate research experience I had received”

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