Scarlett Mae Ridley

Major: Psychology
Minor: History
Graduating: Spring 2019
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Contact me if interested in: Psychology research, risk prevention research, research involving children, and unintentional injury intervention. I can help you connect with a lab that suits your needs and teach you about my research field.

I'm currently working in Dr. Schwebel’s Youth Safety Lab working with childhood unintentional injury prevention. We had various studies going in from pedestrian safety in the US, child pedestrian safety in China, unintentional injury in Uganda, child poisoning, and dog bite safety. My specific research interest is on child temperament and personality and how that affects safety knowledge. As well as child and parent perception of knowledge and safety in regards to the child's temperament and personality. Most recently we’ve found that high fear and high impulse control children are seen by their parents as less likely to make a risky decision and are more knowledgeable about risks, specifically with poisons. The opposite is true. Since these parents feel like the children wouldn't get into household poisons, they don't educate them, and so the children make risky decisions.

Fun fact: I love ballroom and Latin dancing, and I can sing in seven different languages!

Advice: Don't be afraid to approach your professors and ask them about research opportunities! For me, simply asking put my foot in the door and allowed me to start research. Everyone at UAB wants you to succeed (which is awesome!) So just put yourself out there, and you'll find your place!