Congratulations to the 2013 Winners!

Poster Presentations

Biological and Life Sciences I

1stPlace: Construction of the First Autoimmune Network by Cassandra Garbutt

2nd Place: Investigation of Polymeric Coating Properties Involved in the Protection of Pancreatic Islet Cells by Hydrogen-Bonded Multilayers - Sephanie Arana, Veronika Kozlovskaya

3rd Place: Egg Head Diagrams: 2-Dimensional Patient Medicalvisualization Tool for Facial Reconstructive Surgery - Daniel Englert, Artemus Cox

Biological and Life Sciences II

1stPlace: Yttrium-90 Microspheres - Jessica Whitaker

2nd Place: Evaluation of Sex Ratios in the Kemp's Ridley Recovery Program on Padre Island National Seashore in 2009 - James Hill

3rd Place: Analysis of Expression by Genes that Bind HP1B in D. melanogaster - Joshua Godwin

3rd Place: Spinal Cord Astrocyte Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Alexander Disease - Tooba Anwer, Heather Minkel

3rd Place: Creation of a Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Cell - Devin Broadwater

Behavioral and Health Sciences

1stPlace: A Novel Evaluation of Daytime Vigilance in Patients with Parkinson's Disease Using a Virtual Relatitiy Street-Crossing Task - Kristin Ford,  Amy Amara, M.D., Ph.D., Anna Johnston, Gary Cutter, David Standaert

2nd Place: Development and Implementation of a Survey to Assess Doctor-Patient Communication and Patient Expectations in a Community-Based Health Clinic Serving Low Income Patients - Elizabeth Veasey, Alison Allen

3rd Place: Determining the Existence of Focal Colors and their Universality Across Ethnicities - Judi Hakim, Sarah Adkins, Bimazubute Barauni, Amanda Viikinsai, Weslie Shannon

Business, Financial, and International Studies

1stPlace: Streamlined View of the Issues and Solutions Available in Relation to America's Shortage of Primary Care Physicians - Jit Patel

2nd Place: Leadership Characteristics of Effective Teams in Healthcare - Roshni Panchal

3rd Place: False Synonyms: A Study on the Relationship Between Leadership and Management - Alyssa Manhart

Physical Sciences

1stPlace: Block Sorting Autonomous Robot - Robin Moore, Allen Humphrey, Brock Wilbanks, Josh Jones

2nd Place: Abrasion and Etching Effects on Lithium Disilicate Flexural Strength - Timothy Menees, Deniz Cakir, Preston Beck, Vamsi Kalavacharla

3rd Place: Intensity Dependent Intrinsic Optical Response and Layer Specific Optical-Electrical Correlations - Alexander Levy, Rongwen Lu, Xincheng Yao

Service Learning I

1stPlace: Training College Students to Relay Nanotechnology Information to Science Museum Guests - Jasmine Howard, Maurice Asouzu

2nd Place: A New Look for ELSP - Kayleigh Coleman, Jennifer Dingle

3rd Place: Overcoming the Barriers of Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit - Tushar Kumar, Nicole Rodriguez, Andrew Metzler

Service Learning II

1stPlace: Seed to Plate: Mobile Ethnic Garden Pilot Program - Swapna Kakini, Radhika Kakani

2nd Place: Service Learning at the YWCA Family Resource Center in Woodlawn - Meghan Pattison, Beenish Kamran, Garret Pane

3rd Place: Service Learning with Cahaba Valley Health Care - Rayelle Nokovich

Oral Presentations

Arts and Humanities

Physical Truths: Making Art of UAB - Ali Massoud

2nd Place:
Occupancy - Cheyenne Taylor

Biological, Life, and Physical Sciences

TLR2: A Link Between Inflammation and Bone - Alan Akira

2nd Place: 
Characterizing the Network of Molecular Interactions Regulating Vesicular Trafficking Probing the GBF1-Dynein Interaction - Bliss Chang 

Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

Alabama HIV Status: Positive or Negative? - Charity Ryder and Shejuti Paul

2nd Place:
Outsiders' Perspective on the Guatemalan Health Care System - Charity Ryder

Business, Financial, and International Studies

Quantitative Literacy: A New Vision in Higher Education - James Knight

2nd Place:
Familty Firm Succession: From the Inheritor's Perspective - Joey Spellerberg