Congratulations to the 2013 Winners!

Life Sciences

1stPlace: Blunted resistance training-induced muscle regrowth among atrophied older adults is

associated with heightened inflammatory/proteolytic signaling - Raymond Chang

2nd Place: Small Peptides as treatments for Alzheimer's disease Valentine Nwachukwu

3rd Place: Optimizing 1D SDS-PAGE tear cytokine isolation for spectrometry - Amber Dixon

Physical Sciences and Engineering

1stPlace: Isothermal Drug Release of Doxorubicin from Copolymer Micelles - Jerome S. Arceneaux

2nd Place: New Conductive Electrospun Scaffolds for Nerve Tissue Engineering - Hillary Lam

3rd Place: Synthesis and Characterization of Nanodiamond/Doxorubicin Loaded Electrospun PLGA and Cyclic RGD
Functionalized Nanodiamonds for Sustained, Controlled, and Targeted Drug Delivery
 - Ashlen Kurre

Public Health, Behavioral and Social Sciences

1stPlace: Racial Disparities in Self-Care Behaviors Among African-American and Whites with Heart FailureTobias Donnell

2nd Place: The Implications of a Family Life Area in Therapeutic Goal Management (TGM) and Drug Abstinence Outcomes Among Homeless Persons with Dual Axis I Diagnoses: The Earth Program - LaCassidy Broadnax

3rd Place: Genome Enabling Models for Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment - Dayanara Lebron

Service Learning

1stPlace: Helping the Community Breathe Better: One Inhaler at a Time - LaShaydra White, Caletheia Harrison, Tuan Nguyen, Melanie Stinson

2nd Place: Reach Your Peak Asthma Camp - Caleb Watson, Katie Brand, Karl Hare

3rd Place: Learning All About Asthma at the McWane Center - Betty Maciel, Chinazor Iwuaba