Life Sciences I

1stPlace: Protein Analysis of Cultured Human Corneal Epithelial Cell by Kelly Davis

1stPlace: Localization of Septin2 and Tulp1 in Rod Cells by Meredith Hubbard

2nd Place: Identification and characterization of novel components of unfolded protein response (UPR) in Arabidopsis using comparative genomics by Melissa Jordan

3rd Place: Free viewing as a new method for studying the primate visual system by Tyler Dickerhoff

Honorable Mention: Sulfotransferases (SULTs): A Novel Target for the Disocvery of Chemotherapeutic Agents for Glioblastoma by Erin Horsby

Life Sciences II

1stPlace: Novel Interaction role of DHS2 domain in modulating GBF1 activity by Helen Lin

2nd Place: Weed control strategies for green roofs in the southeastern U.S. by Mason McFarland

3rd Place: Validation of Real-time Methylomic Analysis of Human Mammary Epithelial Cell Neoplastic Transformation by MacKenzie Wilson

Honorable Mention: Comparative Analysis of the Serine Integrase Amonst Cluster A Mycobacteriophages by Lacey Kennedy

Honorable Mention: Oil Spill Aftermath: The Effects of the Dispersant Corexit 9500A on Zooplankton Populations by Michael Williams

Health Sciences I

1stPlace: Revamping the Approach towards Autoimmune Diseases by Cassandra Garbutt

2nd Place: Focal Mechanism Underlying Norepinephrine-Induced Ventricular Tachycardia in Arrhythmogenic Canine Model of Nonischemic Heart Failure by Anjam Islam

3rd Place: Synergistic Effect of Angiotensin II and Nicotine by Charity Ryder

Honorable Mention: Human Airway Epithelial Cells Contain Active Prolyl Endopeptidase (PE) and Generate the Chemotactic Peptide, PGP, from Collagen by Tarck Abdalla

Health Sciences II

1stPlace: Survey of Radiological Emergency Preparedness: Nuclear Medicine Technologists (SREP:NMT) by Miriam Van Dyke

2nd Place: Infectivity of M. tuberculosis genes mce 4C and D in Latent Tuberculosis by Emma Johnson

3rd Place: Mce4 A and B Mediate Mycobacterium Survival in Latent Tuberculosis by Ashley Glaze

Honorable Mention: PEGylation Potentiates the Effect of GHK on Fibroblast Proliferation bySteven Milligan

Honorable Mention: Covalent Modifications of Melphalan on Neuroblastoma Cell Migration byHolly Thrasher

Engineering I

1stPlace: Developing a Gait Training Walker to Increase Ambulation in Amputees by Charlotte Mae Waits

2nd Place: Range of Motion Device for Post-Operative Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation by Jarrod Young

3rd Place: Development of a Balance Trainer for Adults with Mild Cerebral Palsy by James Yearty

Honorable Mention: Outdoor Multi-Sensory Stimulus Station for Individuals with Special Needs by Amber Burns

Engineering II

1stPlace: Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhanced by a Bone Mimicking Composite Nanomatrix Scaffold by Dhruv Patel

2nd Place: Development of a torsion tester for measuring murine bone propterties following distraction osteogenesis by Brandon Sherrod

3rd Place: Spatiotemporal Correlation of Transient Morphological Change and Intrinsic Optical Response in Stimulus Activated Frog Photoreceptors by Alexander Levy

Honorable Mention: Tibial Plateau Strength in Diabetic Mice Characterized by Indentation byJacob Fletcher

Math and Technology

1stPlace: Over-Rotation Numbers for Unimodel Maps by Katie Snider

2nd Place: A Brief Look at topological Entropy by David Cosper

3rd Place: Vizing's Total Coloring Conjecture by Joel Olsen

Social and Behavioral I

1stPlace: Dramaturgy for UAB’s Production of On The Verge by Bradley Foster

2nd Place: Finding a Leadership Niche in a Dental Practice by William Bates

3rd Place: Personality Tests and Employment Decisions by Christina Cook

Honorable Mention: Activating Privacy Concerns: A Survey of Consumer Attitudes in the 21stCentury by William Filhiol

Social and Behavioral II

1stPlace: The Bank Managers’ Leadership Style and Its Impact on Employees’ Job Satisfaction by James Mwangi

2nd Place: The Economic Burden of Hunger in Developing Countries by Anne Tolene

3rd Place: Natural Disasters and Real Property Value: An Analysis of the April 27 Tornados byMichael Hang

Honorable Mention: Leadership Through Disaster by Gregory Herrin

Honorable Mention: The effect of body mass index, poverty, and potential carcinogenic exposure on the overall survival of African American women with TNBC by Christine McBride

Service Learning I


Health Yourself: Working to Become a Better You by Ashley Long

2nd Place: Quality Improvement in Children with Disabilities by Amanda Linford

3rd Place: Service Learning with Women Living with HIV and AIDs by Hannah Brancheau

Honorable Mention: Improving Lives Through Health Risk Reduction – A service Learning Project by Kim Haun

Service Learning II

1stPlace: Service Learning in Adoption from China by Anni Zheng

2nd Place: Service Learning in Patient and Community Awareness with Lupus Foundation of America, Inc., Mid-South Chapter by Callie Rowell

3rd Place: Service Learning: A Nursing Role in Human Research by Paul Tower

Honorable Mention: Motivational Interviewing by Richard Smith