research2The first question students ask that are interested in research, scholarship are creative activities is "How do I get involved?" There are many opportunities all over campus. Talking to faculty you have courses with is a great place to start. Also, ask fellow students. Students are often the best place to inquire about finding a mentor. Additionally, there is the UAB website. Every department has faculty listings that describe the faculty's work and provides their contact information.

We can also help you more directly at OUR. Please visit the other available resources for finding research opportunities. Plus, we would be happy to meet with you individually to help you find a research opportunity.

One of the bedrocks of conducting research is the library. We have worked with the librarians of Sterne and Lister Hill to put together an Undergraduate Researcher Toolkit which will help you get started in your research efforts.

As important as conducting research is to the learning process, it is equally as important to present and/or publish your work. To find presentation and publication opportunities on campus and elsewhere, please visit the Presentation and Publication Opportunities' websites.

Answers to other typically asked questions can be found at FAQs.