Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!

Poster Presentations

Arts & Humanities

1st Place:    Alabama HB-56 and Its Comparative Effects on Education Opportunities for Hispanics and Latinos

Judi Hakim, Hannah Bowers, Emily Collinsworth, Ryan Lee

2nd Place:   An Exploratory Analysis of Judicial Ideology and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1946-2012

Avi Yadav

3rd Place:  Implications of Alabama HB-56: Law, Religion, Education and Health

Candace Cooper, Ellen Johnston, Tommy McRae, Eddie Hardin

Biological & Life Sciences I

1st Place:      Comparison of two bioinformatics software for the analysis of the cold shock family of proteins in three freshwater lakes in McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Philip R.E. Fisher Jr.

2nd Place:      O-GlcNAc Expression in Transgenic Mice Models for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ramsha Farrukh

3rd Place:      Vitamin D regulation by retinoic acid in neural stem cells

Nikhita Jain

Biological & Life Sciences II

1st Place:      Evaluation of Post-Hatchling Fitness Relative to Incubation Temperature, Sex, and Clutch in the Diamondback Terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin

Marlee Hayes

2nd Place:      Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 4 Positive Allosteric Modulators Attenuate LPS-Induced Inflamation in Microglial Cells

Ranjani Ponnazhagen

3rd Place:      Identification of Differentially Expressed IncRNAs During Early Embryogenesis

James Friedman

Business, Financial, & International Studies

1st Place:      Jefferson County Bond Analysis: A Municipal Meltdown in the South

Kyle Portwood

2nd Place:      Generational differences and their influence on negotiation style

Emily Mosley

3rd Place:      Creating Leaders through adversity

Margaret Yeh

Physical Sciences

1st Place:      Development of Polyacrylamide Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Biosensing Application

Ethan White

2nd Place:      Method for the determination of trajectory angles of directional secretory vesicles in cultured astrocytes

Chapin Cavender

3rd Place:      Piezo-Ceramic Actuated Proximal Catheter to Inhibit Entry-Point Occlusion in Hydrocephalus

Valentine Nwachukwu, Jessica Wright, Joshua Mcquitty, John Franks, Steven Johnson

Service Learning

1st Place:      Cahaba Valley Health Care: From humble beginnings to a promising future

Judi Hakim, Jennifer Denzine, Cristina Salazar

2nd Place:
      Responding to Food Deserts

Natalie Hull, Sean McMahon

3rd Place:      The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Impoverished Communities

Sunhith Donti, Elizabeth Earwood, Sarah Grifin, Joel Jiles

Social, Behavioral, & Health Sciences

1st Place:      Systematic Approach to Hospital Financial Management

Arun Nakhasi

2nd Place:      A Survey of the Healthcare Information Management Workforce in Rural Alabama Physician Practices

Jennifer Dingle

3rd Place:      Creating and Piloting a Vulnerability Index to Assess Health Needs of the Homeless Population in Central Alabama

William Carter, Agam Dhawan, Stephen Voss

Oral Presentations

Arts and Humanities

1st Place:      Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights: The Ongoing Struggle for Equality in Alabama

Ali Massoud

2nd Place:      Girls’ Education: A Global and Human Issue

Anwer Sharmin

3rd Place:      A Town Within a City: A Look into Five Points South

Rebecca Hyle

Biological Life and Physical Sciences

1st Place:      The Physics of a Cyclotron Accelerator and its Application in the Production of the Radiopharmaceutical Fludeoxygluose (FDG)

Matthew Sorensen

2nd Place:      Investigating the Effects of Structural Modifications of Tau on the Tau-Fyn Interaction in Alzheimer’s Disease

Pauleatha Diggs

3rd Place:      MicroRNA-27a promotes osteoblast proliferation by inducing G1-S phase transition

Bigyan Mainali

Business and International Studies

1st Place:      Negotiating Styles: Men vs. Women

Andreanna Johnson

2nd Place:      A Social Revolution: How Social Media Has Changed Leadership

Abbey Hackett

3rd Place:      The Link Between Mental Imagery and Performance: In Baseball and Professional Selling

Tyler Mims

Social and Health Sciences

1st Place:      Remnants of the Lapita: Bridging Cultures From the Past and Making Connections for the Future

Shelby Mullins & Yoonhee Ryder

2nd Place:      Children of Bad Memories: The Effects on Children Born of Genocidal Rape in Rwanda

Rebecca Graber

3rd Place:      The Effects of Daily Caffeine Consumption on Sleep Quality and Pain Sensitivity

Sarah Terry