About the UHP

  • The University Honors Program draws on the wide range of resources available at a large urban research university, concentrating those resources within a small, personal, liberal-arts setting. Designed for students who want to satisfy their intellectual curiosity both inside and outside the classroom, the program is limited in size to 200 students.
  • The program replaces a student's core curriculum, and is therefore open to students of all majors, resulting in a student-body representing a wide variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and interests.
  • The University Honors Program provides gifted and highly motivated students with an intimate, innovative, and challenging interdisciplinary course of study.
  • Students take at least 33 hours of Honors coursework to graduate. Without delaying process towards a degree, the University Honors Program provides students with an opportunity to participate in a community of committed scholars, to form close relationships with faculty, to explore new ideas, and to share their ideas, interests, and lives on a daily basis in the Honors House.
  • Students have frequent individual contact with the teaching faculty and have numerous opportunities for independent projects and research related to the central theme.
  • University Honors Program interdisciplinary courses are organized thematically and cover a broad range of material so that students are introduced to all the areas covered by the core curriculum requirements and to a wide variety of other areas as well. Topics of past courses have included: “The Nature/Nurture Debate,” “Ethics,” “Creativity in the Arts and Sciences” and “The Environment: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.” The course focus and faculty members change each year.
  • Students are given opportunities to participate in numerous extracurricular activities and social-service projects each year.
  • Students in the University Honors Program have won major scholarships and awards, including Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Fulbright and the National Science Foundation fellowships.