Each year, the University Honors Program offers 15-20 Honors seminars in a wide variety of fields. Honors seminars are 3-semester-hour courses that are offered in the fall and spring semesters and occasionally during the summer semester. The seminars typically cover topics not covered by courses offered in the regular undergraduate curriculum. The seminars are limited to 16 students, allowing students a wonderful opportunity to get to know leading faculty at UAB.  All honors courses are held in the friendly confines of the Spencer Honors House, a newly renovated church in the heart of the UAB campus.

Examples of Recent Honors Seminars

Ethnographic Filmmaking - Forman & O’Beirne (History and Anthropology)

Harry Potter:Ethics and the Imagination - Rebecca Bach (English)

The Ecology of the Galapagos Islands - McClintock & Marion (Biology) - study abroad

Literary Comics and the Politics of Sequential Art - Hoff (English)

Existentialism and Modern Literature - Rushton (Literature)

Philosophy, Psychology, and the Economics of Happiness - Angner (Philosophy)

Religion and Society in America - Blackerby (St. Andrews Church)

China's Next Phase - Pang (School of Business)

Cognitive Brain Imaging - Kana (Psychology)

Mythbusters! Archaeological Hoaxes - Parcak (Anthropology)

If you are a faculty-member interested in teaching an honors seminar, please view the Call for Proposals, and contact Mike Sloane or Rusty Rushton with any questions. 



Fall 2013 Seminars

Spring 2013 Seminars