Seminars Spring 2014

Deviled Eggs: Family Life in Modern American Literature

Rusty Rushton

The Price is Right? Understanding why healthcare costs in the Univted States are so phenomenally and fascinatingly high
Akofa Bonsi and Lee Hammonds

Citizenship, Statelessness, and Human Rights in the Modern World
Brian Steele

Who is Jesus? Exploring a Cultural Phenomenon
Reverend Bill Blackerby

The Better Natures of our Angels: Struggles with Dementia through Science, Literature, and Policy
Connie Rae Stockham

Environmental Justice: Issues of Race, Politics, and Health in the Deep South
Dale Dickinson

Creating a Museum Exhibit
Phillip Ratliff

Three Tough Texts: Ulysses, The Waste Land, and The Sound and the Fury
Kieran Quinlan

Early American Lives
Michael McConnell

Ethnographic Filmmaking
Michele Forman

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders by Challenging the "Int Their Own World" Perspective
Sarah O'Kelley