Study Away

In recent years UHP students have studied art and music in Japan; Arabic in Tunisia and Jordan, conservation in New Zealand; civil engineering in Australia; theatre and women’s health in Ireland; art, Hindi, and clinical medicine in India; art and economics in China; medicine in Ecuador; civil engineering in Peru; biochemistry in Germany; maternal and child health in Austria; public health in Guatemala; post-colonial literature in the Dominican Republic; language, culture, religion, and psychology in Spain; infectious disease in Uganda; child development in Hungary; politics in the Ukraine; and public health in Vietnam.


Shannon Denny_Spain
UHP students have also spent summers doing infectious disease research in Paris, archaeological work in the Fiji islands, and biochemistry research in labs at the Max Planck Institutes in Heidelberg and Munich as well as at the University of Giessen. Many UHP students have taken advantage of May-semester Study Abroad ecology courses offered by the Department of Biology that rotate annually between visits to the Galapagos Islands, the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica, and the rich marine life of the Bahamas. UHP students have even gone to Antarctica with biology professor, Dr. James McClintock. QiliPurmamarcaSmall