Welcome to the University Writing Center

WC1Located on the first floor of Mervyn Sterne Library, the University Writing Center is UAB students' go-to place for help with any kind of writing. In a friendly and professional one-on-one setting, the UWC teaches students to use writing to discover, apply, and communicate knowledge. UWC services are free and available to all UAB students! See below for a description of all that we offer.

Please note: At this time, our services are only for currently enrolled students. Our services are not open to faculty or alumni.

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In-Person Consultations

In a session of 30 or 60 minutes, a trained, experienced UWC tutor will help you with any kind of writing. You can come in for help at any stage of the writing process, from understanding your assignment all the way to putting the finishing touches on a final draft.  While we do not edit for students, we can help writers learn about their common errors and develop better editing processes.

Online Consultations

For online students, we offer online sessions of 30 or 60 minutes. Using our online system, you can upload a paper and chat with your tutor about it in in real-time. Just like with face-to-face sessions, you can get help with any stage of the writing process and with any type of writing. Please click here for a handout with information on how to schedule and participate in an online tutoring session.


If you have a specific question about writing, Ask-a-Tutor can help. Simply email askatutor@uab.edu with your question. A tutor will get back to you within 48 business hours.

May Session Hours (May 4-28)

Monday 10:00-noon & 3:00-4:00
Tuesday 10:00-noon & 3:00-4:00
Wednesday 10:00-noon & 3:00-4:00
Thursday 10:00-noon & 3:00-4:00

Faculty members: Are you looking for a way to inform your students about our services? Please click here for a printable handout with information and FAQs. Our printable handout on different types of tutorials may also help you talk to your students about ways the UWC can assist them.