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Lily Reeves: Between Futures

January 14 – March 19, 2022

Inside the Arts LIVE gallery talk: Click here to watch this session

What heals your soul? What is needed to heal society? What does nature need to heal? What do we need to heal from? Since a young age, Lily Reeves has been drawn to magical realism woven into the fabric of our environment - seeing undercurrents of the fantastical and magical in our everyday lives. So it is no wonder that her art is concerned with our society’s connection to nature. Human impact is changing the world around us, but Lily chooses to see hope. Between Futures draws our attention to the destruction around us in nature. However, her immersive installation and performance play with light and space to evoke personal, societal, emotional, and thereby environmental healing. In a world that is becoming increasingly disenchanted, Reeves strives to spark wonder and openness, tapping into that magical realism of our environment and inspire healing. What healing will you choose? What future will we call our own?

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Lily Reeves currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her BFA from Alfred University in 2015 and her MFA from Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ, in 2018. In 2019, Reeves was awarded the NOVA Emerging artists award from the FRESCO Foundation, and the SAXE Emerging Artist Fellowship from the Glass Art Society. She has exhibited at museums and galleries such as Phoenix Center for Contemporary Art, Urban Glass, ASU Art Museum, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Museum of Neon Art, and Loveland Museum of Art.

untitled hemogoblinLily Reeves, "Farancia Erytrogramma, Alabama Rainbow Snake," 2020, Argon-filled glass and skeleton frame. Courtesy of the artist.

untitled hemogoblinLily Reeves and the Paradise Boys, "Ice Architect," 2018. Wall-mounted argon-filled glass with video projection. Courtesy of the Paradise Boys, Lily Reeves, and Krista Davis

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Installation View