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Vadis Turner: She Drank Gold

June 9 – August 12, 2023

Closing Reception: Friday, August 11 from 6-8p

 Vadis Turner Exhibition Web Art Vadis Turner, Scylla, 2022, Curtains, gravel, resin, acrylic and steel, 78 x 112 x 30 inches.At various times times throughout human history, drinking gold was a relatively common practice for those seeking eternal youth. Artist Vadis Turner uses this misguided tradition and several stories of mythological, historical and literary female outcasts as a loose conceptual foundation for her 2023 AEIVA exhibition, She Drank Gold. Through this new body of work, Turner references historical notions of female hysteria and ostracism, the expressive formalism of the grid in art, and the physical properties of metal.

Turner explores the transformative possibilities, misbehaviors and storied abstraction of domestic materials. Textiles and other elements are manipulated to transcend their intended functions, contradict their structural natures and transcend their traditional gender association. Resisting categorization, the works occupy spaces between textile, painting and sculpture.