The students in Dee Hellmers' Second Grade Classs posted these ideas for the team in a recent post. They are so good we thought they deserved to be a post of their own. 
1. Wear a leopard seal costume over your dive suit so a leopard seal will ignore you.
2. Disguise yourself by wrapping in seaweed.
3. One diver should always wear a killer whale suit.
4. Record sounds a killer whale makes. Play these underwater to keep away leopard seals.
5. Wear very stretchy dive suits. If a leopard seal comes too close, inflate lots of air so you look like a giant ball and float to the top real fast.
6. Use six-foot flippers so you look taller than the leopard seal.
7. Take along some inflatable penguins. Release them to distract the leopard seal.
8. Find a friendly leopard seal. Train it to be your bodyguard while diving.
9. Take peanut butter along on a dive. Stick some into the leopard seal’s mouth if it comes too close.
10. Take a bucket of fish along and feed the seals so you won’t be lunch!
Stay Safe! Dee Hellmers’ Second Graders at Hall-Kent School