It has been a remarkable season of science, diving, adventure and utterly cool fun for the UAB in Antarctica team.  It is hard to believe that just a few short months ago Jim “Headed South Again” for a “Whale of a Great Season.”  He shared his views on “Climate Change” and enlightened readers about one of our projects “Wonder Drugs from the Southern Sea” and even heralded in “the IPY!”  All too soon, Jim sailed away in March, pleasantly surprised with an easy “Rite of Passage” through the Drake. 

Last Friday about 30 members of Palmer station, including all of our science team, departed Palmer Station to go visit Vernadsky Station further south in the western Antarctic peninsula.  Vernadsky, a station operated by Ukrainians, is named after Vladimir Vernadsky.  He was a famous Ukrainian scientist who is considered a founding father of several scientific disciplines including biogeochemistry and radiogeology.

It seems that in many ways I just got here, but on Wednesday morning I sail north for home. Tonight, though, I sail south for a call at a Ukrainian research station that is just four or five hours steaming time from here on the LM Gould. We will visit in the morning and then head home around noon.  Craig will be telling you about our visit there in his next post