• In most cases, patrons can request photocopies of materials or reproductions of photographic images.

    • A staff member can provide information on costs involved and will instruct patrons on how to tag material for duplication.

    • Costs for photocopies or photograph reproductions are due prior to the release of the duplication order.

  • The UAB Archives reserves the right to refuse duplication requests that might involve a violation of the United States Copyright Law or where restricted by state or federal requirements.  Final determination in all such cases rests with the University Archivist.

  • Requests for photocopies or photographic reproductions may also be refused for material deemed too rare and/or fragile for handling.  The University Archivist shall assess and make the final decision on all such requests.

  • The staff will make all photocopies at the fees detailed on the duplication request form.  Photocopy requests of more than a couple of pages may not always be available on the day requested.

  • Duplicates of photographs may be requested for personal use or publication.  Photographs may not be photocopied.  Please discuss photographic needs with the staff, further details on usage, reproduction costs and publication fees will be provided onsite.  Patrons will be required to pay the duplication costs incurred by the UAB Archives and appropriate processing, usage and/or publication fees.

    • All print duplication requests will be processed through an outside photographic studio and may take up to 14 days to complete.  Negatives created during the duplication process will be charged to the patron but will be retained by the UAB Archives.

    • Digital reproductions may be available for some images; the staff will discuss procedures for scanning onsite.  Scanning is performed by a separate university office, not by the UAB Archives, and may take up to 14 days to complete.