Category: A category is an organizational group of articles containing similar content. All articles must be placed into a category.   Categories can also be building blocks for creating dynamic content displayed in blogs or lists.

Article: An article is the main content displayed it in the middle portion of the UAB template, surrounded by your navigation structure (menus).  An article typically includes text, pictures, videos, hyperlinks and in some cases tables. 

Menu: Menus are the navigation structures that determine how content (articles) will be displayed.  A menu is comprised of one or more menu items, each linking to internal or external content. 

Module: The most basic use of modules in this example is to determine where to display navigation.  Modules can also provide functionality/interactivity to your site.

Template: Templates are used to provide styling, layout, and design within your site. The UAB template helps us provide a consistent user experience across individually administered UAB websites.

How do I login to the back-end of a UAB Joomla Website?

The back-end login is used to access the administrative panels of your website which includes adding new users, creating navigation or adding module functionality. Simply type in /administrator after the domain name.

For example: http://www.uab.edu/YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/administrator

Where to Start

There is a very specific order for adding content to Joomla – category, article, and then the menu. When you first approach Joomla, one of the most important things to understand is how the system itself is organized.  In order to help you remember what to do, think of this acronym – C.A.M.

C – First, you need a Category.  You do not need a new category for every article. Group similar articles together.
A – Create your Article and assign it to the appropriate category.
M– Create a Menu item linking to the article and enable the module. The module position and menu assignment will determine where the menu is displayed.

How do I get support?

You may reach UAB Web Communications by sending an email to webcenter@uab.edu. We also have a Joomla manual and video tutorials available.