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Our Mission

The African American Studies program envisions its unique mission as the advancement of knowledge about continental and diasporic African and African American cultures (history, economics, politics, religion, philosophy, art, music, and literature); the delivery of multidisciplinary instruction from an African-centered perspective; and the promotion of cross-cultural understanding.

To achieve these goals, the program will:

Encourage critical thinking regarding society and self, and to develop related skills such as analytical reading, writing, quantitative literacy, and public speaking so that students are equipped to critically engage, incorporate, and/or represent issues and perspectives regarding race and African Americans.
Promote understanding and appreciation of human equality and social justice as a way of addressing conflicts over race and ethnicity, and to promote understanding of how these issues relate to matters of diversity in modern American life and the global community.
Provide a program of in-depth study of African American experiences in the Western world, including origins and cultural contributions globally, that illuminates the complexity of race and African American experience.

Our Vision

The African American Studies program at UAB aspires to be committed to academic excellence and community outreach, and to the creation of a university department.

Our Core Values

The African American Studies program is committed to:

Developing a quality undergraduate program that is student-centered.
Creating opportunities for student success.
Promoting effective teaching.
Creating an academic environment conducive to diversity of ideas and critical thinking.
Promoting opportunities for community outreach.
Fostering integrity and good citizenship.

Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority #1: Undergraduate Education
Strategic Priority #2: Program Development
Strategic Priority #3: Campus and Community Engagement