UAB’s Cyber Detectives Summer Camp for High School Students

Learn how law enforcement agents use cyber space to solve serious crime! Receive hands-on training on collecting evidence, searching for hackers, identifying malware, probing bogus financial institutions, analyzing defaced web-sites, and open source intelligence gathering!

Gary Warner (Computer and Information Sciences) and students in laboratory.Cyber Detectives Camp shows high school students, grades 10-12, the reality of 21-century criminal investigation; develops their interest in the relationship between the cyber world and criminal justice; exposes students to real-world challenges of crime in the world without borders — the internet; and provides information on criminal justice, computer science, digital forensics education, and career opportunities. By engaging in substantively related activities during a one-week period, Cyber Detectives Camp will:

  • Help students develop their analytical skills;
  • Help students learn by doing the steps involved in the scientific approach to cyber investigation;
  • Teach students to collect, secure, analyze and present evidence;
  • Expose students to current generation research tools and methods used in cyber labs around the world;
  • Expose students to the tools of digital forensics for solving crime and protecting the world from threats in the cyber world;
  • Allow students to have fun while learning about topics such as fishing, hacking, hard drive analysis, malware analysis, and intelligence gathering.