Carey Usher

Carey Usher (PhD 2001) is Associate Provost and Dean of Mary Baldwin College for Women, of Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia.

She began her Mary Baldwin career as a faculty member in the department of sociology in 2002. Since that time, she has served as academic director of the first-year experience, associate dean, and now associate provost and dean of Mary Baldwin College for Women.

She has taught courses in statistics and methodology, community and urban sociology, medical sociology, death and dying, community service, sociology of family, and general sociology. As the academic director of the first-year experience she worked closely with incoming students and their families, first-year faculty advisors, and professional development programming for faculty.

Dr. Usher's previous research examined the effects of social capital and community investment on various health-related issues, with a focus on how social capital impacts those living in high poverty areas. Her current work maintains a focus on community investment and well-being, but her study population has shifted to college students, women in particular, with an emphasis on at-risk student populations.