The reaserch in the field of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at UAB results in the development of several computational tools that are available online.

In the BioFolD lab are developed computational tools for the analysis and comparison of the protein and RNA 3D structures and for the prediction of deleterious single nucleotide variants. Few examples are:

  • I-Mutant: method to predict the effect of mutation on protein stability.
  • SARA: tool for the comparison of RNA 3D structure and for automatic functional assignment.
  • WebRASP: statistical potential for the assessment of RNA 3D structure.
  • WS-SNPs&GO: algorithm for predicting the impact of genetic variants using functional information.

The research activity preformed by the investigators in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics relies on the facilities made available by Research Computing Group at UAB.  The Research Computing Group provides a computational infrastructure for sharing data, accessing compute power, and collaborating with peers on campus and around the globe.