iCommit Sustainability Challenge: we're committing! Will you?

Sodexo UAB is partnering with our national Sodexo brand to bring you iCommit, a sustainability challenge for all students, staff and faculty of UAB.  As a management team, we are committing to make our planet a better place by starting with our campus.  In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we will be hosting a Sustainability Celebration! We want you to make a commitment!
At the event, we will have pieces of cardboard ready for you to write you committment to a better campus! We will then take your pictures and add them to our staff's to create a large collage of committments. Pretty awesome, right?

Here's some details:
Where: Blazer Hall RLC
When: Monday, April 22 from 10am-2pm
*Refreshments will be served. 

*If you're unable to make our event, we still want you to commit! Here's how:
-Take a picture of yourself making a committment to a better campus and a better planet
-Send it to us via Facebook (UAB Campus Restuarants) or via email (uabdining@uab.edu) & we'll add your's to the bunch!