3-6 Year Olds Enrichment Programs

3 year old class: $175.00/wk (must be potty trained)

Fly, Slither, Swing & Swim: The three year olds will be building their autonomy and acquiring the skills needed for working with others. They will explore letters, numbers, environmental print, and learn all about the animal world. This is sure to be a wild summer of learning for the children in this class. 

4 year old class: $175.00/wk
Black, White & Furry All Over: The four year olds will focus on problem solving and creating a community of learners. They will engage in daily shared reading, sharing writing, and number talks to support their developing understanding of literacy and mathematics. They will also learn about how animals live and survive in their natural habitats. 

5 year old class: $175.00/wk
In Like a Lion... Out Like an Alpaca: The five year olds will focus on building critical collaboration as they work together to strengthen their understandings of literacy, mathematics, and building physical knowledge. The five year olds will engage in daily reading, writing, mathematical problem solving, and research. Their research will be focused on answering quetions about animals and the different ways animals are classified. 

6 year old class: $175.00/wk
Troops, Groups and Herds: The six year olds will enjoy exploring how connected learning is in the world around us. They will build connections across reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies as they have fun learning and working together. The six year olds will also engage in self-selected inquiry that is centered around the animal kingdom.