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October is National Physical Therapy Month. To celebrate, we asked recent alumni of the UAB Kinesiology program that have gone on to pursue careers as physical therapists o share their journey and experience in our program.


Meet Bolton Patton, PT, DPT, a 2017 UAB Kinesiology program graduate who completed Baylor University's Doctoral of Physical Therapy Program in 2020.Bolton Patton, PT, DPT, 2017 UAB Kinesiology program graduate.  Bolton Patton, PT, DPT, 2017 UAB Kinesiology program graduate.

Patton completed a sports residency at the University of Cincinnati in 2021-2022 and works as a physical therapist at UAB Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, UAB Athletics, and the United States Football League


"UAB Kinesiology gave me the building blocks to create a strong foundation for PT school and my career as a Sports Physical Therapist. Learning exercise physiology, arthrokinematics, exercise prescription, etc., has given me the tools to safely and efficiently return collegiate and professional athletes to their sport. UAB's Kinesiology program also has professors who will push you toward your true potential. I have Dr. Gordon Fisher, Dr. Eric Plaisance, and UAB Kinesiology to thank for getting me where I am today and helping me achieve my professional dreams." - Bolton Patton. 

Jared D'Eath, former kinesiology honors student at UAB.Jared D'Eath, former kinesiology honors student at UAB.


 Meet Jared D'Eath, a former Kinesiology honors student starting UAB's Doctoral of Physical Therapy program in January as part of their 2025 cohort. 

 "UAB's Kinesiology program and instructors helped put me in a strong position to get into a Doctoral Physical Therapy school and excel in my continued education and career. I completed all my prerequisites for DPT admission in the kinesiology program while fulfilling my degree requirements. The things I learned in class and lab put me ahead when entering PT school and will better my abilities as a physical therapist. Through taking advantage of great opportunities in the kinesiology department, like the honors program, and connecting with the faculty to expand my network and opportunities, I was able to gain experience that was valuable to my applications and will be valuable to my future career and will give me a distinctive edge over other fresh DPT grads applying for jobs in the future." - Jared D'Eath





Shahzad Ali Kinesiology AlumniShahzad Ali, SPT, MSK, a two-time alumnus of UAB's Kinesiology Program
Meet Shahzad Ali, SPT, MSK, a two-time UAB Kinesiology program graduate. Ali completed his bachelor of science in kinesiology from UAB in 2018 and returned to receive his master of science in kinesiology before attending Alabama State University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. At ASU, Ali is his program's class president and is expected to complete his DPT in May 2023. 

"My name is Shahzad Ali, and I am a two-time alumnus of UAB's kinesiology programs, graduating with my Bachelor's in 2018, followed by my Master's degree in 2020. I am currently a third-year DPT student at Alabama State University, where I serve as the class president for my cohort and plan to graduate in May of 2023. I am really thankful I chose UAB's Kinesiology program because the professors prepared me well with all the knowledge and information needed for the rigor and grind of physical therapy school. I am blessed to have such outstanding professors who helped shape me into a well-rounded student. They made sure I was ready for anything and showed me that nothing is impossible if I put my mind to it. I am thankful for the great professors in this program who made sure we didn't just learn the material. We applied the information retained and learned how to use it in the real world with practical application to see that what we learned is used in real-world life to help solve people's problems." - Shahzad Al

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