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All videos uploaded into Kaltura (My Media/Media Gallery) after January 3rd, 2022, are automatically captioned with auto-generated captions.

What has Changed?

closed captionPrior to January 3, 2022, users would have to request Auto-generated captions by selecting the media in My Media and requesting “Machine captions”. That video would then be processed for captioning and the auto-generated (machine) captions would appear on the video and be editable. With this new feature, users no longer have to order captions. All videos uploaded into Kaltura will automatically request auto-generated (machine) captions and those captions will appear and be editable by the user.

What are Auto-Generated Captions?

When videos are uploaded to Kaltura(My Media), captions are auto-generated. This is done using automatic speech recognition which scans the audio track for spoken English. Auto-generated captions are considered drafts as they are up to 80-90% accurate but may contain spelling or grammatical errors. It is important to proofread auto-generated captions and edit for accuracy.

Note: These captions do not meet all accessibility standards. If you have students requiring captions as part of an accommodation, Professional Captions should be requested.

What about media that was uploaded before January 3rd, 2022?

Users can request their older content be captioned by following this guide on how to order captions. This process only has to be followed for older content that you want to have captions.

Should I edit my captions?

UAB eLearning recommends editing the captions for accuracy for any media content published for students, faculty, staff, or the general public. If you have a student requiring captions due to a registered accommodation with Disability Support Services, Professional Captions should be requested.

What all is uploaded into Kaltura

Kaltura is the approved academic video management system that can be used in and out of Canvas. Below are the types of videos that are found in Kaltura.

Automatically uploaded into Kaltura

  • Lecture Capture videos
  • Zoom Meeting’s recorded to the cloud

Manual Upload

  • User recorded Kaltura Capture videos
  • User uploaded video

Read more about captioning by visiting UAB eLearning’s Captioning webpage.

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