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  • Plagiarism Icons: The plagiarism (Turnitin) icons that display in the gradebook and SpeedGrader have been updated. These icons are used to display the % of similarity reported by Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • New Rich Content Editor: The rich content editor is the toolbar that shows up above the text box in Canvas Assignments, Discussions, Syllabus, Quizzes, and Announcements. On March 16th, 2020 the new rich content editor (RCE) will be available for users to try out via a feature option in the course. The new RCE will enable auto-save for any content that hasn’t been submitted for up to one hour. This feature will be turned on in all courses on May 6th, 2020. Additional information will be posted on the eLearning website and future Canvas announcements.


  • Kaltura Media Space: There are additional ways to embed Kaltura Media. Users can now embed playlists and include the transcript using the new transcript widget. This makes the transcript display under the video and is searchable/downloadable.


  • ScreenShare: GoReact now supports Screenshare where users can record their screen instead of the having the webcam. GoReact is planning on adding more functionality in future releases to allow both camera and screen share at the same time.

Previous Changes made in Canvas

  • Compose Message Course List: The Select Course menu in the Compose Message Window has been updated to display More Courses to allow users to easily locate a course when composing a message. This list no longer includes concludes courses.

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