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Screenshot of Canvas name settings. Beginning Summer 2021, ALL Canvas users will be able to choose the pronouns they associate with their online profiles. (Preferred name customization is already available through BlazerNet.) Each user can update her/his/their Canvas profile to include preferred personal pronouns or choose to display name only. Once a preferred pronoun is selected, it will appear beside the user’s name in a variety of locations throughout Canvas. 

Personal pronouns are used when referring to someone or ourselves (I, you, she, they, he, we). Someone's personal pronouns may be different from what others initially assume. Some people use binary pronouns, some prefer non-binary, and others may choose to be referred to only by name. 

UAB is proud to be able to offer this customization to better represent the growing diversity in our community. We can help make UAB more inclusive by using verbal and printed language (including pronoun usage) more conscientiously.

To learn how to change your preferred pronoun in Canvas, visit the eLearning Preferred Name guide.

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