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Portfolium logo with a red x above and the words "end of contract" below.UAB eLearning is transitioning away from Portfolium to other campus technologies such as Adobe Portfolio, Canvas, and Badgr to meet the needs for digital portfolios, program assessment, learning pathways, and digital badging. Action may be required for users to retain access to Portfolium portfolios created.

What has Changed?

The contract for Portfolium ends on July 1, 2022 and UAB is not renewing the contract. Other solutions have been identified to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students.

With the end of contract, UAB will lose access to Portfolium Pro features such as:

  • Analytics of Portfolium Folio usage
  • Portfolium Canvas LTI Assignments
  • Portfolium Program Assessment
  • Portfolium Learning Pathways
  • Portfolium Digital Badging
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) or BlazerID login

What Does this Mean?

UAB users will not lose access to previously created Portfolium Folios nor the ability to create a Portfolium Folio. Lifelong portfolios from Portfolium are free for all users and will continue to be available to UAB users and the general public.

Access Portfolium Folio in Canvas

The Folio link that can be located under “Account” in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu will remain and will provide all users access to their previously created Folio or the chance to create a free Portfolium Folio.

Access Portfolium outside of Canvas

Once UAB’s contract ends with Portfolium on July 1, 2022. All UAB users will need to login with their email and personal password at portfolium.com. The ability to log in with SSO (BlazerID and Password) will not be available. See details below on how to set a password.

All other features that will be removed have been addressed with other solutions

What Action is Required of Me?

All current Portfolium users at UAB should access their Portfolium account and add an alternate email as a backup and update their password if needed. This will ensure that access is retained after the contract ends.

If users do not know their password or do not act before the contract ends, they can use Portfolium’s password reset request or chat with Portfolium support to get access to their account.

Please see guides below:

Change Benefit Details and Solutions

UAB eLearning piloted Portfolium, a product of instructure, to see if could meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students for the purposes of creating digital portfolios, tracking program assessment, and awarding digital badges for academic achievement.

Based on the feedback received, Portfolium did not address the needs of UAB faculty, staff, and students.

Other solutions provided by technologies that are currently provided and supported at UAB have been found to address these needs as seen below.



ePortfolio Platform

Adobe Portfolio and Microsoft Sway

Program Assessment

Canvas Learning Outcomes

Digital Badging

Badgr Pro

Learning Pathways

Badgr Pro

Please contact UAB eLearning with any questions or issues.

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