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In response to missed Lecture Capture recordings, UAB Division of eLearning and Professional Studies, UAB IT, and other stakeholders implemented a series of changes to Lecture Capture to increase the reliability of Lecture Capture recordings.  

Changes related to the functionality of Lecture Capture are the reduction of recording resolution from 1080p Full HD to 720p High Definition and the scheduling of automatic Kaltura Classroom recordings. The resolution reduction will reduce recording loss due to network congestion while maintaining an acceptable image quality.  

Backup Lecture Capture will be scheduled automatically for UAB Campus classrooms matching normal Lecture times. Backup Lecture Capture, unlike the primary Lecture Capture recordings, are more limited in scope. The limitations and characteristics of Backup Lecture Capture are listed below: 

  • Records from podium computer. The podium computer must be logged into during class time to record. Laptops connected to Classroom AV equipment will not trigger a backup.
  • Records Podium computer screen and podium computer microphone. It does not record with the room camera.
  • Appears in your MediaSpace and Canvas My Media within 24 hours of recording.

For assistance with AV Classroom technology, please contact UAB AskIT. 

For assistance with using UAB Lecture Capture please contact UAB eLearning for training or assistance

UAB Heersink School of Medicine classrooms should submit a MEIS support request to have backups scheduled. Please include the name of your course and Lecture times and dates with your request.  

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