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Hosts and co-hosts can get an idea of how active their breakout rooms are from the main session by viewing the list of open breakout rooms.


This feature allows hosts and co-hosts to get a sense of the activity inside their breakout rooms without having to join individual breakout rooms. From the list of open breakout rooms hosts and co-hosts can see if participants are: screensharing, have current reactions posted as well as the status of participant’s video and microphone feeds.

To use this feature, hosts, co-hosts, and participants need to have their Zoom app updated to version 5.10.3 or higher

Use Cases

This feature can be used for instructors to determine if there is activity in assigned breakout rooms during discussions. If there is no activity, the instructor could then join the breakout room to stimulate discussion.


The only requirement to use this feature is to have the Zoom client updated to 5.10.3 or higher. If a participant’s Zoom app is not updated, their activity will not show. Participants will have a notice that their activity will be visible to the host and co-host when they join the breakout room for the first time

To access this feature, look at the dialog box for your open breakout rooms. Icons for reactions, screensharing, microphone and video status will be displayed next to each participant’s name. If a participant’s video or microphone has a red strikethrough, that participant has the feature off. If a participant’s microphone is turned on, the microphone will be partially filled when they speak.

Screenshot of window showing zoom breakout rooms in progress.

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