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The Ph.D. in Neuroengineering, a joint program between the UAB Schools of Engineering and Medicine, is a first-of-its kind program in the state of Alabama and one of the only freestanding neuroengineering doctoral programs in the country.

This program integrates advanced topics in such areas as

  • neurophysiology
  • neural dynamics
  • neuropathology
  • systems engineering
  • computational analysis
  • advanced imaging
  • data analysis

By combining faculty expertise in neurobiology, neuroscience, engineering and the sciences we are training a new generation of neuroengineers to advance understanding of neurodegenerative disorders and other brain diseases and develop novel therapeutics, neuroprosthetics and tools to restore lost brain function and improve patient outcomes.

Who Should Apply?

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in engineering or a related field with strong computational components.

Students entering the Neuroengineering (NE) doctoral program will possess a BS, MS, or be currently enrolled in the DMD/PhD or MD/PhD program at UAB.

PhD students normally have earned a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline or a closely-related field. Students with undergraduate degrees in the computer science, neuroscience, physical sciences, life sciences, or mathematics will also be considered for admission; however, such students must demonstrate preparation for the NE graduate curriculum.

Admission to the NE PhD program is competitive. Students applying through the UAB Graduate School will typically have a GPA of 3.0 or greater from their previous degree(s) (on a 4-point scale) and significant research experience.

Students who lack sufficient mathematical/computational background may be required to take preparatory courses in mathematics prior to being admitted into the program.

Application and Admission Deadlines

Graduate students are admitted in the fall semester each year. Applications should be submitted through the Graduate School online application portal. Priority application deadline is December 1. The deadline for applications for Fall admissions has been extended June 1, 2021. Preference for admissions and financial support will be given to earlier applicants.

Financial Assistance

Stipends and tuition assistance are available to highly qualified students. General information about financing your graduate studies can be found on the UAB Graduate School website.

Application Checklist

Specific application information can be found in the Graduate Program Checklist.

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Gregg Janowksi, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, UAB School of Engineering
Co-Director, Neuroengineering Ph.D.
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Dobrunz Lynn


Lynn Dobrunz, Ph.D.
Professor of Neurobiology, UAB School of Medicine
Co-Director, Neuroengineering Ph.D. Program
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