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Fouad Fouad

Fouad H. Fouad

Director Emeritus

Dr. Fouad H. Fouad is Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His expertise is in the area of reinforced concrete structures and concrete materials, and he has published numerous technical papers in the field. His research efforts have led to the development of national standards and specifications for a number of sustainable green concrete products and building systems.

Dr. Fouad currently chairs the PCI committee on Prestressed Concrete Poles and the ASTM committee on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. He is the past chair of ACI committee on Cellular Concrete and the founding chair of its subcommittee on AAC. Fouad is a fellow of ACI and ASCE and has received a number of prestigious awards due to his professional services in the civil engineering field.