Independence, Informality, Confidentiality, Neutrality, and Impartiality

The UAB Ombuds Office is a neutral resource available to all staff outside of UAB Hospital, all UAB faculty, and all mentored UAB graduate students. The office operates under the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the International Ombudsman Association. At the Ombuds Office, we offer a confidential place to discuss workplace issues, academic concerns, issues relating to administrative paperwork and process, explanation and interpretation of policies and procedures, and many other problems.

You can speak freely to us because we promise to keep our discussions confidential, and we are not part of any formal University process. We don’t take sides in disputes and operate independently of the UAB administration, reporting only to the Provost.

Contact this office as a first step, as a last resort, or at any other time. The Ombuds Office will help you to explore your options, develop strategies, review policies and manage expectations. The Ombudsperson will listen to your concerns, help you evaluate your situation, assist you in making plans to resolve conflict and eliminate confusion.

You control the process, and you decide when – or whether – to take action.