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Getting social media warriors like you to pass on information about fighting COVID-19 is critically important right now. You see, we have high-level experts at UAB who meet daily to talk about awareness, resources, and so much more. When you share our messages on your social media, you can help fight coronavirus and bring us one step closer to life as usual. So do your part to spread the word every day. Click a social media icon or copy the message to share on your social media accounts now.

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Share Your Gratitude

Your words of thanks can encourage and inspire. Share your gratitude with those who are making a difference in the fight against COVID-19. #UABFightsCovid

Three kids swimming underwater in a pool.

Are Swimming Pools Safe?

The key question people have is whether COVID-19 can be transmitted through pool water. Learn tips for safely enjoying the water. #UABFightsCovid

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Reopening Alabama

UAB Epidemiologists answer questions about what reopening the state means, the impact it may have on people in urban and rural areas, what will happen to prevent the spread, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. #UABFightsCovid


We’re all fighting the good fight against COVID-19. And frankly, we can all hold our heads a little higher for the efforts being made by so many throughout the UAB family. Want to know more? Include #UABFightsCovid on all your coronavirus posts, and take pride in the amazing progress being made on this global pandemic right here in Birmingham.


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