Programs for Career Development at UAB:

Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
This certificate program is offered through the UAB MBA program. This program is designed for those interested in moving the scientific discoveries towards innovating the medical community. This can serve as an introduction into business and entrepreneurship for scientists without being a MBA student.

Business Research Certificate Program
This program runs during fall and spring semester through the Sterne Library. The certificate is earned by attending 6 of 8 50 minute sessions. This course covers the basics on online research for businesses. This would be helpful to individuals interested in getting away from bench science and looking for other science careers such as tech transfer, business development or patent law.

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL)
Focuses on improving STEM education of students through implementing effective teaching practices. The UAB CIRTL has programs for graduate students to not only learn about effective teaching methods but as participate in Teaching-as-Research programs to understand how teaching influences the students.

Graduate School Professional Development Program
Offers courses, seminars and other resources to help you be a more effective graduate student and supply you with skills to help you excel after graduation. Courses and seminars cover professional speaking, writing, teaching, and ethics.

Ph.D. Careers
This office works to help graduate students and post-docs through their academic career as well as provide workshops and services to help them move on to the next stage.