March 08, 2017
Rendering of the new UAB College of Arts and Sciences building March 8, 2017

As Chief Human Resources Officer for Birmingham’s largest employer, Alesia Jones knows a little something about marketable skills.

And as a former flute player in two high school bands – and the parent of a member of the highly acclaimed Homewood High School Band -- she believes many of those skills can be learned on the field. “A sense of teamwork, collaboration, following instructions – these are great skills to bring to the workplace,” she says. “I learned those myself, and I also saw my daughter learn them, too, from being in the band.”

Marching band played a critical role during her own high school years. “I grew up in Atlanta, and auditioned for the Northside High School for Performing Arts jazz and marching bands, and was thrilled when I made it,” she recalls. When her family moved to Birmingham, 16-year-old Alesia immediately sought out the band at her new high school, “and when I got there, I felt like I was at home. There was a sense of the familiar and comfortable, and after I while, I realized this relocation was going to be OK after all.”

So what’s cool about band? “It’s cool be around people who can take something out of nothing, take a beat or a cadence, and the next thing you know, there’s a song,” she says. “Now, sometimes those 90 degree practices in the South weren’t so cool, but when you get to perform in front of your parents and friends, and they cheered for you, there’s nothing greater than that.”

Her hope for UAB’s marching band as they take the field for the return of UAB Football? “That everyone recognizes the talent – you don’t get there without talent. I hope everyone realizes that the band is just as much a part of the football experience as the coaches and players.”

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