How do Endowed Scholarships Work?
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An endowed scholarship may be the single greatest gift you can give a university.

That’s because an endowed scholarship not only helps students today. It also is a gift to tomorrow.

When you create an endowed scholarship, your gift is invested, and scholarships are awarded from the spendable earnings. The principal remains untouched, generation after generation, providing funds to help students in perpetuity.

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors, UAB awards scholarships to thousands of students each year – rewarding their academic achievements, relieving their financial burdens, allowing them to focus on their studies, and inspiring them to work even harder to reach their goals.

The minimum gift to establish an endowed scholarship is $25,000. Gifts at higher levels will allow you to help a student even more. The fund may be named at your discretion. Some donors choose to use their own names; others choose to name their endowed scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one.

You may direct your gift to a particular UAB school or degree program, and may give preference based on financial need, academic merit or other criteria that are personally meaningful to you.

Your endowed scholarship gift can change everything – not only today, but tomorrow, too.


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Make a Difference Today

To learn more about how you can make a difference, please contact one of these development professionals:

Collat School of Business: David I. Allen, 205.996.5399;

College of Arts & Sciences: Camille Epps, 205.996.2154;

School of Dentistry: Scott Huffman, 205.934.3601;

School of Education: Lori Green, 205.975.3754;

School of Engineering: Victoria Allen, 205.934.8481;

School of Health Professions: Katie Adams, 205.996.5469;

School of Medicine: Jessica Brooks Lane; 205.975.4452;

School of Nursing: Jeannie Horton, 205.975.2443;

School of Optometry: Peggy Striplin, 205.934.9838;

School of Public Health: Mona McCarty, 205.934.7799;

UAB Honors College: Jennifer Foster, 205.934.9476;

Are you interested in creating a scholarship through your estate plan? Our Office of Planned Giving is ready to help. Contact Kimberley S. Coppock at 205.975.5970,