I Heart UAB Giving Day: 50 Hours of Giving Toolkit


In honor of UAB's 50th, this year's I Heart UAB Giving Day will begin at 10 p.m. on April 16 and go through midnight on April 18 for a total of 50 hours of fundraising. Employees, alumni, and students will have the opportunity to donate to a variety of passion projects across UAB's campus. Our goal is to create awareness and funds across the UAB community and beyond about the event and the variety of projects available to contribute based on what someone is passionate about.

Website: uab.edu/givingday
Hashtag: #iheartuab

  • Social Media Tips

    • Encourage your audience to post pictures tagged with #iheartuab.
    • Use the I Heart UAB Giving Day Snapchat GeoFilter.
    • Update your Profile Picture and Cover Photo using the images in the asset library below.
    • Share and retweet copy from UAB Main Social Channels:

    Sample Social Copy


    #IHeartUAB Giving Day is coming up on April 16-18. In celebration of #UAB50, this year's Giving Day is 50 hours. How will you make an impact? Find your project at uab.edu/givingday.

    April 16-18

    50 Hours of Giving starts NOW! Make a difference with your gift at uab.edu/givingday #iheartuab

    Only a few hours left of #iheartuab Giving Day! Find your project and make your gift at uab.edu/givingday

    Post about a specific gift

    I just participated in 50 Hours of Giving by giving to ______. Pick the project you're passionate about and make a difference today at uab.edu/givingday. #iheartuab


    Thank you to everyone who made UAB Giving Day: 50 Hours of Giving a success. #IHeartUAB


    Digital Assets

  • Sample Emails

    Faculty and Staff

    Subject line: 50 hours of giving are coming soon

    I Heart UAB Giving Day 2019 is set for April 16 - April 18. In honor of UAB’s 50th anniversary, we will commit 50 hours to our annual celebration of philanthropy. But today, we’re inviting our [UNIT] faculty and staff to take the lead by making your gift now.

    Giving Day supports projects that touch every corner of the UAB campus, including [UNIT].

    Check out all of the featured UAB projects and make a gift in any amount to support the initiative you're most passionate about.

    For 50 years, we have worked together to make so many good things happen for UAB’s people, programs and community. Now, we have the opportunity to continue our impact into the future.

    So let’s do this!

    Pick a project. Make a gift. Change someone’s life.

    Giving Day

    Thank you!

    Alumni and Donors

    Subject line: What will you do with 50 hours?

    Everyone is passionate about something — a cause or project that fuels their desire to give. Starting at 10 p.m. on April 16 until midnight on April 18, show your love for UAB and the initiatives that matter most to you with I Heart UAB Giving Day 2019.

    This year, we’re celebrating 50 years of our UAB family working together to make good things happen for our people, programs, and community. To honor that, we’re committing 50 hours to giving to TK passion-fueled projects. With your generosity, these student, faculty, and staff-powered initiatives can reach the next level of success.

    Check them out, then starting April 16 at 10 p.m., please do two things:

    1. Make a gift — of any amount.
    2. Share your support with your social circle using hashtags #IHeartUAB #UAB50.

    Together, we will make a difference.

    Giving Day

    Thank you!

    Subject line: We did it together! Thanks for saying #IHeartUAB

    Thank you! With your support, I Heart UAB Giving Day 2019 was a major success. In 50 hours, we raised [AMOUNT] for [#] worthy projects across campus.

    UAB is celebrating 50 years of making good things happen for our people, programs, and community. Thanks to your generosity, we’ll keep making an impact into the future.

    Giving Day

    Thank you!