The Association of Indian Students at UAB’s goal is to assist the Indian student community at UAB while also promoting the Indian culture and heritage.

Association of Indian Students at UAB

Q. Who is eligible to join/participate?

A. UAB students and scholars in all academic disciplines are eligible to join.

Q. What does AIS do?

A. We primarily assist incoming as well as currently enrolled Indian graduate students with various needs associated with their student life at UAB. We work closely with incoming students before their arrival in order to make their transition to Birmingham smoother. More importantly, we organize and celebrate major Indian festivals to spread awareness about the culture and encourage participation from other student communities.

Q. What are the benefits of joining?

A. As members, it allows us to be the voice of the Indian graduate student community at UAB. It also gives us various networking opportunities to interact with other student groups at UAB. Overall, being a part of AIS gives us a sense of belonging and provides students with a strong support system.

Q. Who are some well-known alums who were part of the organization?

A. Some of our alums have stayed at UAB or moved on to take up positions in academia and industry.

Q. How can students get more information about AIS?

A. The AIS page on Engage has details regarding student leaders and members. We are also active on Facebook as well as Instagram.