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The Graduate School’s Professional Development Program recognized 74 students during its annual Certificate Awards Ceremony on April 9. These students had earned certificates from the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) and PDP for work completed from summer 2018 through spring 2019.

The top CIRTL award is the Scholar. CIRTL Scholars develop and implement scholarly Teaching-As-Research projects. Sarah J. Adkins was the only student to receive the CIRTL Scholar certificate this year. She presented her project “Which study resources are used by successful students?” at the awards ceremony.

CIRTL Practitioners collaborate with faculty teaching mentors to gain hands-on experience and learn about the scholarship of teaching and learning. The following students received a CIRTL Practitioner certificate: Katie L. Cederberg, Melissa Chase, Anwar B. Almutairi, Sarah J. Adkins, Helen E. Collins, Katelynn M. Corder-Grier, Christina J. Glenn, Douglas W. Howse, Heather J. Ray, and Elizabeth M. Sikes.

cirtl awards recipients

CIRTL Associates learn the foundations of college teaching and develop a teaching portfolio for the job search. This year’s CIRTL Associate certificate earners include Kossie L. Apedoh, Bright Asare-Bediako, Gene Becker, Sarah Beno, Katie L. Cederberg, Radhika Chadha, Anyamanee Chaprasongsuk, Helen E. Collins, Camerron M. Crowder, Danielle F. Deavours, Danish G. Diwan, Sarah Dulson, Ji Hee Kim, Allison F. Manuel, Melissa McDaniel, Bre A. Minniefield, William Ngo, Jonathan R. Roth, Aubrey M. Schonoff, Betty Jean (BJ) Schwab, Brian Spurlock, Larissa J. Strath, Tiffany T. Westry Womack, Benjamin Wildman and Sade Williams.

The Mentoring and Leadership is a Category A Graduate Certificate focusing on building mentoring and leadership skill sets while creating mentoring and leadership philosophies. The major product of the M&L certificate program is a mentoring and leadership portfolio. Students receiving the Mentoring and Leadership Graduate Certificate include Caroline N. Burnett, Helen E. Collins, Paige Farley, Rebecca Diane Hicks, Jessica Marie Hoffman, Avantika Naidu, Heather K. Patterson, Lacretia Denice Plane, Brittany Herndon Quinn, and Zachary Daniel Wallen.

The Research Communication Certificate program focuses on helping graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and employees in science fields learn how to effectively communicate research to other scientists and non-scientists. These year’s certificate recipients include Katelyn Dunigan, Avery M. Hoven, Adriana Massicano, Justin Quiles and Maire Read.

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