Health Profile Screenings

The Answer to Better Health is Prevention

Wellness screenings are important because with proper education and positive lifestyle changes, 80 percent of most chronic diseases can be prevented. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease affect quality of life and are a tremendous economic burden on our healthcare system. Knowing your individual risk factors can lead to early diagnosis and prevention of disease.

It only takes 15 minutes for a comprehensive preventive screening and consultation by the nurse. Test results are available in minutes and are discussed with you in detail. Combined with personal and family history, these readings help give you a better understanding of your overall health risks. These screening results will be entered into a password-protected database and presented to you in a printed wellness report. Depending on the test results, repeat lab work may be necessary at six- or 12-month intervals. In all cases, progress is tracked and celebrated.  

Comprehensive Health Screening Profiles

  • Body composition (BMI, BMR, body fat percentage)
  • Blood pressure 
  • Cholesterol panel (TC, Tri, HDL, LDL, blood sugar)
  • Diabetes screening (Hemoglobin A1-c)
  • Additional screenings are provided throughout the year for dental, vision, respiratory and more.

If you have been screened at your doctor’s office for cholesterol within three months of seeing the nurse, please bring a copy of your lab results with you for a comprehensive review. Additional lab work at HealthSmart may not be needed on the day of your initial appointment.

Personal Health Consultations

Once you have the results of your profile and your consultation with the nurse is complete, you will see the nutritionist and exercise specialist to set health goals and track your progress. Additional referrals will be made at the time of your appointment based on your health needs.