A selection of emerging companies started with UAB technologies:

AI Metrics

An image viewing platform that leverages artificial intelligence and guided workflows to assist radiologists with image analysis and reporting by automatically generating multimedia reports.

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CNine BioSolutions LLC

CNine was spun out of UAB and focuses on the diagnostic potential of the complement system in infectious diseases. This company has licensed UABRF intellectual property that will allow them to develop a diagnostic for CNS bacterial infections using complement biomarkers.

UAB Inventors – Theresa Schein, Ph.D. (CEO), Scott Barnum, Ph.D. (CSO) and James Johnston, M.D. (CMO)

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HemEdits focuses on developing a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia and other blood diseases. The company has licensed several technologies from UABRF that will allow them to develop and commercializes novel, patentable gene editing methods for correction of inherited and acquired blood disorders.

CEO – Tim Townes, Ph.D.
UAB Inventors – Lei Ding, Ph.D., William Placzek, Ph.D., Matthew Renfrow, Ph.D., Robert Whitaker, Chia-Wei Chang, Ph.D., and Tim Townes, Ph.D.

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Humbolt Innovations, LLC

Humboldt Innovations was established to develop and sell EPA approved products for mosquito abatement. The company has licensed a technology which uses specially formulated nanospheres that radically enhance the bioavailability and larvicidal effects of environmentally friendly biocides.

UAB Inventors – Stephen Watts, Ph.D., Mickie Lynn Powell, Ph.D. and Andrei Stanishevsky. Ph.D.

Reliant Glycosciences, LLC

Reliant Glycosciences is a UABRF spin-out company established to facilitate the discovery of disease-specific treatments for IgA-Nephropathy. Through the establishment of specific biomarker assays and the identification of the underlying structure of the IgA1 that contributes to the pathology of the disease, Reliant Glycosciences will provide disease-specific testing services to pharmaceutical companies testing potential therapeutics against IgA-Nephropathy.

CEO – Matthew Renfrow, Ph.D.
UAB Inventors – Jan Novak, Ph.D., Hitoshi, Suzuki, Ph.D., Bruce Julian, M.D., Zina Moldoveanu, Ph.D., Milan Tomana, Ph.D., Matthew Renfrow, Ph.D. and Jiri Mestecky, M.D.

Sunfire Biotechnologies, LLC

A clinical research organization for pneumococcal vaccine development support.

COO - Deborah Bidanset, Ph.D.
UAB Inventor – Moon Nahm, Ph.D.

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TriAltus Bioscience

Trialtus is working to transform the research proteins market, making it simpler and more affordable to obtain needed materials so scientists can spend more time conducting novel research.

CEO – Bob Shufflebarger
UAB Inventors – Pat Higgins, Ph.D, Alexey Vasiliev, Marina Vasilieva and Dmitry Vassylyev, Ph.D.

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Tricorder Technologies

A device that can detect mouse pups, monitor light temperature-humidity at the cage level, and collect census among other things, at a $40 per cage on any rack system.

TruSpin Nanomaterials

Uses a proprietary alternating current electrospinning process to affordably manufacture nanofibers.

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Yuva Biosciences

Mitochondrial-based technologies for treating aging-related diseases. The company will develop cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

AI Metrics Chairman – Greg Schmergel, M.B.A.
UAB Inventor – Keshav Singh, Ph.D.

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Solution Studios

A digital space for students and clinicians to meet, form teams and address clinical problems through new products, prototyping, validation and commercialization.

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