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Inquiro UAB's Undergraduate Research Journal

Founded in 2007, Inquiro is the premiere student-run annual science journal from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Inquiro was established to create a platform where the research contributions of undergraduate students from across campus could be published and highlighted. UAB is the center of scientific research and healthcare in Alabama and encourages its students to participate in discovery. The undergraduate body makes large contributions to the field, and Inquiro gives those students a voice in the scientific community.

When students publish their work through Inquiro, they get the opportunity to practice going through the submission and editorial process for a scientific journal, and at the end have a published work to share with future employers. Our student editors work closely with the authors and artists to produce the best information on current research at UAB.

In 2022, Inquiro made its return following disruptions from the pandemic that stopped undergraduate research. In its renewal, the editors debuted with an issue that covered Inquiro’s greatest scope of research yet: spanning the sciences, arts, and humanities. Through its newfound partnership with the Honors College and Office of Undergraduate Research, Inquiro hopes to revitalize its role as the premiere student-run journal on campus that highlights the newest and most innovative research being conducted on campus.

Inquiro Vol. 11 - desaturated image of woman drinking from a mug, at a table with laptop, phone, potted plant, and other items.