Think a hacker isn’t out to get you? Unfortunately, you aren’t that lucky. You are a target to hackers, and the risk is not if you’ll encounter an attack but when. UAB has security measures in place to protect us all, but you have a key to our front door and could accidentally let a hacker in.

The good news is you don’t need luck. You can take a proactive role in keeping yourself secure and build confidence that your behavior won’t put you, your information or your identity at risk.

Follow this checklist and you won’t be relying on luck any longer:

  • Connect to secure networks
  • Be cautious of anyone online
  • Keep sensitive browsing to your personal device
  • Control what you post on social media
  • Check links before you click
  • Use 2-factor authentication wherever possible
  • Keep your devices up to date
  • Lock your devices
  • Be aware of your surroundings

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