Microsoft Delve removes the guesswork of locating shared documents and navigating file organization. Users no longer have to search various chats, emails, and folders to find that one shared document.

Delve creates a personalized experience by collecting shared files from Microsoft apps like OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, and more. With the help of the Microsoft Graph, it displays a mix of content on each user's homepage that is curated to their interests and recent activity. Shared files are added to Delve as document cards that detail the file name, location, recent activity, and more. Cards can be added to favorites or sorted into boards. When a file is shared with someone else, users can locate the card on their collaborator’s profile page.

Each Microsoft 365 user has a profile page that is visible to the entire organization. The left panel displays basic contact information and an Outlook calendar overview. This portion of this page can be customized to add an about me, skills, projects list, and more. The right panel is personalized to show document cards that are shared between users with recently viewed or popular files available at the top. At the bottom of the page, users can click the profiles of relevant people in the organization or discover recent documents from people around them. These documents are only visible if there is shared permission. Private documents always stay private.

UAB faculty, staff, and students can explore more of Microsoft Delve via the app launcher in Microsoft 365 or by visiting See the Microsoft Delve website for FAQ’s and tutorials.