Working or learning at home and need a connection to a lab computer at UAB?

UAB IT has implemented UABAnywhere, a Citrix Cloud virtual desktop solution. Virtual desktops allow you to access a physical user desktop in a virtual environment — which means that when classrooms and computer labs are not physically accessible, users can still connect to them from another machine and have access to the same software and programs they would in person.

UAB Anywhere

For example: Your department at UAB may offer a certain software you need to complete schoolwork, but your home computer is too old to use the software. With UABAnywhere, you can connect to a virtual desktop and use the software anyway.

Or, you may need to access a computer lab or library computer, but current social distancing requirements mean the lab is full. UABAnywhere gives you a “seat” in the lab — without compromising safety.

UABAnywhere can help resolve issues of specific software licensing and device requirements for software to function. The virtual desktop solution also does not require access through a VPN connection.

By connecting to a physical desktop through UABAnywhere, users will have access to what they need to succeed, no matter where they are or what machine they are using.