Most of us can’t imagine life without our mobile devices — but if you don’t keep it safe, your information is likely to be stolen.

Here are some tips for keeping your phone or tablet secure:

  • Use a strong password, pattern or fingerprint to secure access, and set your phone to lock automatically when not in use.
  • Install anti-malware and appropriate backup software, and always update your devices as soon as updates are available — updates are often tied to security issues.
  • Review your apps regularly, and be cautious about allowing them to access your information, including location data.
  • Keep your phone in your hand when you are using it in public, and keep it out of sight when you aren’t.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we’re sharing tips and tricks to keep you and your data safe. Because information security is a team sport, and when you protect yourself, you protect all of us.