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Start learning today with our collections of recommended videos, courses, playlist, and learning paths to help you learn or sharpen your skills as they relate to the new UAB Success Model. The categories below will guide you to the most applicable topics for your success at UAB.


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    How to Access Lynda/LinkedIn Learning

    • Access via UAB: Go to, click on the LOG IN NOW button and enter your UAB BlazerID credentials.
    • Access via Mobile Device: Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then click here for instructions on accessing Lynda from your mobile device.


      Start learning today with our collections of recommended videos, playlist and learning paths to help you learn or sharpen your skills as they relate to the UAB Success Model.   Click here for UAB Success Model Playlists  
      More than 2,000 UAB employees have taken advantage of’s vast catalog of online courses. Check out what your fellow UAB Lynda users are learning.   Click here for UAB Top 10 Courses


  • Who is eligible for Lynda access?
    Benefits-eligible employees within UAB, VIVA, Callahan Eye Hospital, UAB Health System, and the Health Services Foundation are provided access to If you’re unsure of your benefits eligibility, we recommend referring to HR Policy 411, which provides a detailed description of employment categories and benefits eligibility.

    What is a playlist?
    Playlists are for building and prioritizing lists of courses you’re watching or want to watch, and tracking your progress. Playlists are found on by clicking the Quick Links at the bottom of the page, then find and click on Playlists. A quick overview of Playlists can be found here.

    What is a learning path?
    A Learning Path is a package of ordered courses intended to prepare users for a specific role or to update users’ skills for their current job. Some of the new “Learning Paths” include how to become a digital marketer, photographer, digital illustrator, small business owner, project manager, bookkeeper or web developer.

    Can I use at home? On my phone?
    Yes — log in from home (or anywhere off-campus) using the steps outlined in the "Getting Started" tab. Access on your mobile device via the the apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices.

    Where can I get additional help?

    • For help accessing Lynda, contact the UAB Employee Learning Help Desk at 205-996-4444 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • Once you have successfully logged into Lynda, if you have any questions, visit the Customer Success Center.


  • Access your professional training transcript through EdTrack. Click the button below to log in for benefits including...

    • UAB employees can access their complete history of professional training — including UAB Learning System (aka LMS or HealthStream) courses, pre-LMS courses from WebCT/Blackboard, plus coursework from — all in one place.
    • Data can be exported to Excel, allowing employees to submit a copy of their non-academic transcript during performance reviews.
    • Employees can submit external, work-related certificates of training if they meet the guidelines to their manager for approval and addition to their training history.
    • Supervisors can request an employee transcript by emailing the Learning System Support Team.
    • Former UAB employees can submit a transcript request.




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  • Onboarding Employees (playlist): A brief guide on onboarding best practices.

    Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence (course): Learn how to develop the cross-cultural intelligence to navigate cultural differences. Discover the difference between high- and low-context cultures and how to effectively work across them.

    Communicating Across Cultures (course): Discover how to communicate better across cultures as a business leader.



  • Productivity
    Project Management
    • Learn Project Management (playlist): This curated list of courses can help you learn project management and strengthen your skills as a project manager. These courses are aligned to the project management knowledge areas.
    • Become a Project Manager (learning path): Project managers are catalysts for change. Learn how to inspire a sense of shared purpose in a team, and how to manage projects from beginning to end using proven project-management techniques.
    • Become a Project Coordinator (learning path): Kick-start your career in project management as a project coordinator. From project management basics to communication and meeting leadership, you'll learn how to keep project tasks and teams on track in the most efficient ways.
    Customer Service



  • Communication
    • Communicate Clearly (playlist): Become a stronger speaker, writer, and listener. Learn to deliver outstanding presentations, resolve conflict diplomatically, and pitch your ideas.
    • Written Communication (playlist)
    • Communication Tips (course): Become a better manager or leader by honing your communication skills in this series with communication experts.
    • Active Listening (playlist): Successful teams listen to one another which includes clarifying roles and setting listening goals.
    • Collaboration and Teamwork (playlist): Collaborate and work better with a team with these courses that cover communication, conflict resolution, and leadership.
    • Leading People (playlist): Leading people involves determining high potentials and having development and retention conversations.
    • Building Trust (course): Learn how to build trust using the three circles of trust model.



  • HR Administrator (playlist): These courses will help give human resources administrators the foundations they need to be successful within your organization.

    Become a Manager (learning path): As a manager, success is predicated on your ability to achieve goals working with your team. The good news is that management is a skill that can be learned. This path is designed to provide you with the key considerations, skills and competencies to help you become and succeed as a manager. Learn the critical skills and competencies for new managers, Discover essential interview techniques and questions, Create cultures of motivation and accountability.

    Manager and Leader Playlist (playlist): Be a leader people love to follow. Uncover your hidden strengths and talents, and find out how to inspire your team and position yourself as an industry expert.

    Become a Better Manager (playlist): Learn key skills you'll need to improve communication, navigate tricky situations, build effective teams, and drive your business forward to success.

    Build Leadership Skills (playlist): Be a leader people love to follow. Uncover your hidden strengths and talents, and find out how to inspire your team and position yourself as an industry expert.

    Prepare for a New Management Role (playlist)

    New Manager Playlist (playlist): An overall guide to management best practices.

    Performance Management (course): A brief guide to the tenants of performance management.

    Change Management (playlist): A brief guide on how to manage change.

    Coaching (playlist): A brief guide on the best practices of professional coaching which include skills like active listening, asking powerful questions, and future focused feedback.

    Feedback (playlist): Feedback includes creating a culture of candor and practicing and applying providing feedback.